What is Mitzvah?

The Mitzvah Technique is a new healing method developed in Toronto, Canada that teaches us how to realign our posture and improve overall health through gentle movement and body awareness.

In the early stages of practice, students of Mitzvah learn to be aware of how bad postural habits damage our bodies as we engage in various daily activities. Students then learn to discover their own natural and original posture.

Using simple exercises, students retrain their body until this natural posture has been incorporated into all of their activities. Whether sitting, walking, standing, playing sports, dancing or even lying down, Mitzvah practitioners strive to bring body awareness and a relaxed posture into everything they do!

When the Mitzvah Technique is practiced everyday, movement becomes smoother, chronic pain and pressure is alleviated, and the body begins to find its own natural alignment. With increased flexibility and improved circulation, the body becomes better able to protect itself from injury, tension, and many other ailments.

The final goal of Mitzvah practice is the ability to protect and adjust our own body through our own personal effort.